JK Memorial Hospital

About JK Memorial Hospital

JK Memorial Hospital, an initiative by JK Group, brings healthcare to the people in the suburbs of Chattogram with care, compassion, and hope within the community. Starting with only 10 beds in 2004, the hospital has expanded to 70 beds and provides affordable healthcare to the local residents.


The hospital offers a wide range of healthcare services, including expert doctors’ advice, X-rays, blood tests, ECG, and ultrasounds. They also have introduced an emergency department, labor ward, operation theater, dental, diabetic, and physiotherapy department over the years. All of these services are available under one roof for the convenience of the local community.


JK Memorial Hospital is a very important part of the local neighborhood. It provides essential medical care and other services to people who need it. The hospital is committed to improving the lives of the people it serves, making a positive difference where it’s needed the most.

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JK Memorial Hospital

Empowering health at JK Memorial Hospital – 60-bed facility offering comprehensive care, including maternity, eye care, pharmacy, and diagnostics.